Welcome to Nørgaard

Welcome to Nørgaard

Welcome to the first paragraph of an entirely new project. We would like to make it iconic – it won’t be. In a few years when all our ambitions are in motion, when we have an arsenal of craft beers, craft ciders, and likely hobby crafts ranging from liquorish schnapps to herbal bitters, when we have not just one, but several wooden huts scattered in the wilderness with their own brewing stations, when all this is hopefully achieved, and there’s more to come – nobody will think “it all started with this blog post”.

Tall as our ambitions are, and growing with each new craft beer brand popping up left right and center, they are still new. We’re learning the nuances of all things in the liquid taste category, and in making our own beers and ciders, we will undoubtedly throw out, scrap and rewrite recipes as much as this first blog post has been scrapped and rewritten. So if you are, dear reader, looking for the high-end recipes and hoping for words worth gold in this blog; join us again in a year or two – we will get there. But if you want to be present for the beginning – the bad batches and the deteriorating flavours during exam periods – join the game now.

If you’ve got a bit of a hipster in you, if your parents listened to artists before they were cool, and you’re listening to them after they’re gone, now is the time to jump in. Join us on Patreon as soon as we have that launched, check us out on Kickstarter, and if you’re reading this in the earliest stages, watch the website develop. If you’re a neo-hippie, if you’re one of the people we bump into at Roots and Fruits, or if you just have a little love for all things organic, then hopefully once we’ve worked out all the knots and kinks, we’ll be your bevy of choice. That’s what we want – a range of brews that spans the spectrum of taste with only all-organic produce to draw out the flavour.

We don’t want to do this alone. All knowledge is aggregate, and things grow better with a good community, so as we let ourselves get caught up in the thrill that comes from creating something unique, we want to be hearing from everyone around us. It’s not a pipe dream anymore, not a fanciful idea much discussed over our own little beer tastings. We’re brewing now, and this blog will bring you every detail we can find to put down on paper. It hopefully will show a hobby transformed into a profession, and as our own understanding grows we’ll indiscriminately unload our ideas and experiences of what makes a brew and why it must must must be organic when it comes with our label on it. Enjoy

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